Friday, December 7, 2007

A Good Call

Well, I can't exactly prove this one all along, but I at least hinted at the Sox achieving greatness much earlier this year. When I first learned about a form of poetry called the tanka, I gave it a shot with my favorite sports team. Tanka are basically three haikus put together, but with no exact syllable requirement per line.

The season is here.

The life is back in Boston.

Fenway’s lights shine bright.

Could you ask for any more

On a beautiful spring day?

Beckett takes the mound

He prepares for his first pitch

Gets the sign from 'Tek

He cruised through the game

And dominated hitters

The Sox lineup was

Relentless in its scoring

The victory was sweet.

Their first home win this year

Is a sign of things to come.

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