Friday, February 8, 2008

An Awesome Website

If you liked that article, then that has nothing to do with this one. Unfortunately, there won't be any lyrical miracles here. This is just a shout out to a site that has really seen a boom in viewers in the last month. It's a reputable site that has been referred to by multiple national sources (such as ESPN) for information and its insightful commentary.

Are you interested yet? I certainly hope so. Dugout Central is a site that certainly won't let you down. It's got all sorts of baseball talk, even though it's the offseason. Then again, spring training starts in a week, so that doesn't even matter. The point is that there's some great material there, whether it's scouting reports, moneyball/other stats, GM scenarios, or general interest articles, Dugout Central dabbles all over the diamond. Visit it sometime. You won't regret it. I promise, or your money back. Wait. I haven't gotten it yet... Anyway, go there. *End shameless plug/terrible attempt at joke and even worse attempt at begging people for money*

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